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80 Years Of Experience

Beautiful Thai way of life has been with Thai people for very long, from ancestor to present generation. The World might have changed so much; still, this beauty never fades away. So as Chiameng Group, the leading rice business company who has been operating under the morality and integrity of Thai way of life determinedly throughout 80 years.

Chiameng Company Limited Group was established in 1937 under the name of “Bangsue Chiameng Mill Limited Partnership” and was the first rice miller in Bangkok, aiming to produce quality rice with professionalism, honesty, fair delivery price, and responsibility, which caused Chiameng’s reputation to spread widely. With ongoing business expansion, the company began export the product to foreign countries where only high quality rice is consumed, for example Hong Kong and Singapore, and later became the first Thai company Japan ever accepted.

In 1993, Chiameng Company Limited, with approxi- mate production capacity of 20,000 tons/month using the most modern technology in the country, was fully born in Nakhon Ratchasima, where is also known the Gate to the North-Eastern Region and is one of the provinces with abundant land suitable for rice growing and convenient for comprehensive shipping and distribution, in response to an increase customers’ need.

As a result of endeavor and consistency in honest business conduct, our company has been growing continuously and steadily. In order to meet rising demand of consumers, we have expanded our production capacity by securing access to diverse sources of raw material. We also develop our ability to transport large quantity of our product within limited time by providing appropriate machine and technology to our new branches as follow

CM Nakornratchasima Branch

The factory which receives rice from the Central region are able to produce and deliver product up to 20,000 tons/month. Also, with location on the riverside, this branch helps facilitate product distribution and transportation both domestically and abroad.