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Quality is Chiameng, Chiameng is quality.

To ensure customer’s confidence in production quality and standard, Chiameng applies modern technology to every stage of production, and employs more than 600 officers who are trained to be aware of production quality in every stage.

Raw Material Selection Process

We strictly select top breed of rice paddy, which must come from great source of planting, before sending it into modern production procedure. Rice paddy is examined and sorted carefully to remove impurities, and to ensure cleanliness and quality of every one of rice paddy before it is categorized and kept in Silo whose temperature is controlled in the suitable level using knowledge and expertise developed and accumulated within our own organization to sustain freshness of rice paddy.


Process of Hulling
Rice paddy is sent into standard hulling process, and then further passed on to shaking grid to separate cargo rice from rice paddy, before it is sent into process of whitening and deliberate impurities separation with Color Sorter Machine under CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) system controlled by Microsoft Windows CE. In order to obtain clean cargo rice free of any impurities, the quality of every stage in the process is strictly monitored.

Process of Whitening
Cargo rice that is selected and stored carefully and delicately is then passed on to production line where rice husk on grain surface shall be polished off gradually to prevent temperature inside the grain from rising too high which in turn can change delicate structure of Hom Mali rice. Therefore, rice from our factory has nutrition and taste in its pure original form different from other rice producers.

Process of Polishing
Whitened rice grain shall be brought into many stages in process of polishing and sorting, during which there is the intermission for rice grain before re-polishing again. This makes the grain look glossy and cause our product to be accepted and praised worldwide. The sorted rice shall be stored in Cool Storage to sustain freshness of Hom Mali rice before it is sent to packaging line.

Refinement, Inspection and Quality Control

Process of Packaging
Quality white rice must be kept in clean and standard package. We pack white rice with automatic machine in quarantined room. We employ strict and consistent measures to prevent contaminants and ensure cleanliness to have finished product which is clean and has precise and accurate weight as customers specify. Every pack of product is imprinted with Lot Number to ensure traceability, which means that production line, date of production, and suitable date for consuming can be traced back in case there is any problem with that particular pack of product.

Process of Transportation
To fulfill our promise to customer, we invest our financial and intellectual resource to build many kinds of delivery system, which are package arranged in container, package arranged on pallet, package arranged on pallet fastened with plastic band, package arranged on slip sheet fastened with plastic band, package arranged in pre-sling, and rice directly stored in container, and deliver product on time and in complete condition. Automobile, train and ship transportations are connected seamlessly.

Environmentally-Friendly Technology

We always realize that environment is what we need to take care of the best we can as well as other people on this planet. Using energy in the most efficient manner is one way to reduce emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, hence, we build husk power plant which can produce electricity to use in factory from leftover rice husk.

Also, remaining dust from electricity production can be sold to foreign company for use in other industries. Therefore, our production system does not cause any pollution and extremely environmentally-friendly.